Sergio Xalambrí

I'm a web developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work at Daffy as a Web Developer.

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  1. I added the definition of HDR to the glossary

  2. I added the definition of HMR to the glossary

  3. I added the definition of PPR to the glossary

  4. I added the definition of ISR to the glossary

  5. I added the definition of SSG to the glossary

  6. I added the definition of PESPA to the glossary

  7. I added the definition of PEMPA to the glossary

  8. I published how to Nest routes with dynamic params in Remix

  9. I published how to Build a simple login and logout with Remix

  10. I published how to Access Remix's loaders data in entry.client

  11. I published how to Handle not found URLs with Remix

  12. I published how to Add dynamic canonical URL to Remix routes

  13. I published how to Enable Remix ~/ aliased imports in Vitest

  14. I added the definition of API to the glossary

  15. I added the definition of MPA to the glossary

  16. I added the definition of SPA to the glossary

  17. I added the definition of CSR to the glossary

  18. I added the definition of SSR to the glossary

  19. I published how to Create a CRUD with Remix

  20. I saved I miss RSS

  21. I published how to Call an action from a loader in Remix

  22. I published how to Use React Portal in Remix

  23. I published how to Defer a Fetch response in Remix

  24. I published how to Use a CDN for your static assets in Remix

  25. I published how to Build an app with Remix and Bun

  26. I published how to Find and remove unused code with Knip

  27. I published how to Create multiple top-level layouts in Remix

  28. I saved Kind of annoyed at React

  29. I published how to Test meta tags using Playwright

  30. I saved React Aria

  31. I published how to Prefetch data for Remix Fetcher usage

  32. I published how to Keep Your Loader Data Fresh in Remix

  33. I published how to Expose Remix Routes as API Endpoints

  34. I published how to Upload Images in a Remix Application

  35. I published how to Redirect with Search Param in Remix

  36. I published how to Access the Loader Data in Remix

  37. I published how to Get Remix route params `entry.server`

  38. I published how to Test meta tags with Cypress

  39. I saved My thoughts on open-source

  40. I published how to Strongly type Remix route IDs

  41. I published how to Strongly type public assets in Remix

  42. I published how to Create a reusable Form component in Remix

  43. I saved Social RSS

  44. I saved Blogging as DRY

  45. I published how to Logout from Auth0 with Remix Auth

  46. I published how to Reset a form on success in Remix

  47. I published how to Send JSON to a Remix action

  48. I published how to Automatically commit sessions on Remix

  49. I published how to Customize Remix AppLoadContext type

  50. I published how to Turn on Caps Lock on Cypress

  51. I published how to Delete a Cookie using Remix cookie helpers

  52. I published how to Add runtime SSG and ISR to Remix

  53. I published how to Improve SEO by not sending JS in Remix

  54. I published how to Use AMP with Remix

  55. I published how to Use Remix as a SPA only

  56. I saved A Theory of Web Relativity

  57. I published how to Add rolling sessions to Remix

  58. I published how to Use Server-Sent Events with Remix

  59. I published how to Use `process.env` client-side with Remix

  60. I published how to Persist inputs after a form submit in Remix

  61. I saved Streaming: is it worth it?

  62. I published how to Lazy-load React components in Remix

  63. I wrote about Optional route segments with Remix

  64. I published how to Redirect to an external website with Remix

  65. I published how to Bubble up data on Remix routes

  66. I published how to Group related routes together in Remix

  67. I saved How to Section Your HTML

  68. I published how to Parse Markdown with Markdoc in Remix

  69. I saved RSS

  70. I wrote about Working with Refresh Tokens in Remix

  71. I saved Device-Agnostic

  72. I published how to Optimize image loading with plain HTML

  73. I wrote about Multiple forms per route in Remix

  74. I published how to Add returnTo behavior to Remix Auth

  75. I published how to Run Tailwind and Remix in Parallel with PM2

  76. I published how to Use Remix with

  77. I published how to Run Next and Remix on the same server

  78. I wrote about HTTP vs. Server-side Cache in Remix

  79. I wrote about On-Demand Hydration in Remix

  80. I wrote about The useMatches hook in Remix

  81. I published how to Test Remix loaders and actions

  82. I published how to Use NProgress in a Remix app

  83. I wrote about Result Objects in TS

  84. I wrote about Dark Mode and Dark Context

  85. I saved When You Stop Counting

  86. I published how to Use Fathom with Remix

  87. I saved A Case For Use Cases

  88. I published how to Use Dependabot to keep Remix up-to-date

  89. I wrote about Automatic Revalidation in Remix

  90. I saved People read on the web

  91. I saved Browsers and Representation

  92. I saved Google vs. the web

  93. I saved The Mythical Document Web

  94. I saved Breaking the web forward

  95. I saved Back to the Future with RSS

  96. I saved Screaming Architecture

  97. I saved Anemic Domain Model

  98. I saved iOS 15, Humane

  99. I wrote about Using Service Workers with Remix

  100. I wrote about Localizing Remix apps with i18next

  101. I wrote about Adding CSRF protection to Remix

  102. I published how to Load only the data you need in Remix

  103. I wrote about Using TailwindCSS with Remix

  104. I published how to Use ETags in Remix

  105. I wrote about Jest Matchers for Remix responses

  106. I published how to Read search params with JS

  107. I wrote about Que es un bundler de JS

  108. I wrote about Remix vs Next.js Comparison

  109. I saved Imagining native skip links

  110. I saved Before You memo()

  111. I wrote about Usar variables de entorno en Next.js

  112. I published how to Build your own RSS Reader

  113. I saved Open Peeps

  114. I saved System Design 101

  115. I wrote about About

  116. I saved Be Wary of Nesting Roles

  117. I saved Accessible SVGs

  118. I saved CSS and Scalability

  119. I wrote about Using MDX with Remote Content

  120. I saved Practical React Query

  121. I saved Don't design for mobile

  122. I saved Stop Using “Drop-down”

  123. I saved The Lava Layer Anti-Pattern

  124. I saved UI as an afterthought

  125. I wrote about Todo lo que sé de SWR

  126. I saved Wormhole state management

  127. I saved Todo el software está roto

  128. I saved Architecting UIs for Change

  129. I wrote about The States of the UI

  130. I saved "Semantic" CSS

  131. I saved A clean start for the web

  132. I wrote about What I Use

  133. I saved The Art of UI Skeletons

  134. I saved Shared Hook State with SWR

  135. I saved The Real Dark Web

  136. I saved The Great Divide

  137. I saved How the Blog Broke the Web

  138. I saved How to Section Your HTML

  139. I saved write on your own website

  140. I saved Just write

  141. I saved HTML Reference

  142. I saved CSS Reference

  143. I saved The God Login

  144. I saved Your Body Text Is Too Small

  145. I saved Architecture as a burden

  146. I saved Refactoring UI

  147. I saved Cards

  148. I saved Introducing Grial

  149. I saved Implementando Pulse Editor

  150. I saved Presentamos Pulse Editor

  151. I saved Migrando a Redux

  152. I saved Middlewares en Redux.js

  153. I wrote about Como me inicié en el desarrollo web

  154. I wrote about Why build a non-RESTful API

  155. I wrote about How shallow: true works in Rails

  156. I wrote about How I Organize React Applications

  157. I wrote about Data-Aware Components

  158. I wrote about Collected Notes TS Client

  159. I published how to Use SWR with Geolocation

  160. I wrote about Using Collected Notes as CMS

  161. I published how to Sync SWR cache with Web Storage

  162. I published how to Configure Google Suite MX records in Vercel

  163. I published how to Report Web Vitals in Next.js

  164. I published how to Purge unused CSS with TailwindCSS

  165. I published how to Use a scoped registry with Yarn

  166. I wrote about Using Immer with SWR to mutate data

  167. I wrote about Using Tailwind with Next.js

  168. I wrote about Using Paginated Data with SWR

  169. I wrote about Introduction to SWR

  170. I wrote about Feature Flags in React with Flagged

  171. I wrote about Next.js File Structure

  172. I wrote about Testing in Next.js: Dynamic Imports

  173. I wrote about Redirects in Next.js, the Best Way

  174. I wrote about Introducing Contentz

  175. I wrote about Career Titles and Levels in Tech

  176. I wrote about Deploy de Contentz a Netlify

  177. I wrote about Contentz es Omakase

  178. I wrote about Aplicaciones web con Zero Server

  179. I wrote about Presentando Contentz

  180. I wrote about Uso del prop children en React

  181. I wrote about Composición de Componentes en React

  182. I wrote about Tipos de datos en React

  183. I wrote about Componentes con React

  184. I wrote about Hola Mundo con React

  185. I wrote about Cargando React desde un CDN

  186. I wrote about Mi Static Site Generator ideal

  187. I wrote about Automatización con Shell Scripts

  188. I wrote about Conceptos básicos de JS: Array#push

  189. I wrote about Conceptos básicos de JS: Array#map

  190. I wrote about Scalable Real-Time Applications

  191. I wrote about React v16.6: lazy, memo y más

  192. I wrote about Introducción a MDX

  193. I wrote about Documentation, Lessons Learned

  194. I wrote about Documentación, Lecciones Aprendidas

  195. I wrote about Renderizando Markdown en React.js

  196. I wrote about Implementando un Servidor de GraphQL

  197. I wrote about Bye Platzi, hi ▲ZEIT

  198. I wrote about Introducción a GraphQL

  199. I wrote about Combinando React.js y Redux.js

  200. I wrote about Introducción a Redux.js

  201. I wrote about Compilando el Frontend con webpack

  202. I wrote about Introducción a ECMAScript 2016/7

  203. I wrote about Lo nuevo en React v0.14

  204. I wrote about Usando ECMAScript 6/2015 con Babel

  205. I wrote about Escribiendo CSS de la forma correcta

  206. I wrote about El módulo Flexbox de CSS3

  207. I wrote about JavaScript orientado a objetos