How toPrefetch data for Remix Fetcher usage

If you're using Remix, you can ask it to prefetch the data of a new route using <Link prefetch> prop, but if you need to use fetcher.load or fetcher.submit to load some data, you can't use the Link.

To be able to prefetch them you can do the same thing Link component does, render a <PrefetchPageLinks> component.

let fetcher = useFetcher<typeof resourceLoader>();

return (
    <PrefetchPageLinks page="/resource" />
    <button type="button" onClick={() => fetcher.load("/resource")}>
      Load Data
    { && <DisplayData data={} />}

Now when the HTML tag is rendered it will start prefetching the data, and once the user finally clicks the link it will be ready.

If you want to see a demo app, here's the code sergiodxa/remix-demo-prefetch-fetcher.