Bye Platzi, hi ▲ZEIT

Today I leave my job as Frontend Developer at Platzi to start working as Support Engineer at ▲ZEIT.


I worked at Platzi for almost 2 years, it was a really cool job, I knew some amazing people who worked with me or were teachers in our courses. Some of them I now consider them as good friends.

I also learned a lot about Frontend, Backend, video streaming, DevOps, etc. I worked in many awesome projects for the platform like our live system, the discussion system, the React-Django server render implementation, our video player, etc.

I had the opportunity to open source some JS libraries, one of the most important is the Platzi’s markdown text editor Pulse Editor and a desktop application, made with Electron.js, Pulse.


After knowing ▲ZEIT and using their products and services I’m in love with that company and it’s mission.

Make Cloud Computing as Easy and Accessible as Mobile computing.

Deploy an app to production it’s the last most important step in any software development, you can code the best app but it means nothing if it’s not online and available for your users.

The ▲ZEIT mission it’s to make easy that step that is sometimes too complicated, specially when working with a microservices architecture.

My new job

I’m going to be a Support Engineer, what does that means? My job is help you use ▲ZEIT products and services without problem and guide you in the process if necessary.

It’s a really big career shift, I’m going to keep developing but in a different way. I need to develop to understand our products and services.

I need to know how to use Next.js in many ways and integrate it with other tools. I must know how use Now to deploy your applications and setup a deployment pipeline using it for any kind of application.

That means I will learn a lot, I will teach a lot of people and I will develop many applications to test different possible use cases of our products and services.

I also need to document a lot, since my primary job is teach how to use Now I must document it completely, and create a really good documentation so anyone can easily learn how to use it.

Why English?

Until now, I had the rule of only writing in Spanish, that was because I wanted to give more knowledge to the Spanish development community. But starting today I need to teach Now to any people in the world.

That’s way I decided to start writing in English today. I’m going to keep learning a lot and writing as far as I can but I’ll do it exclusively in English.