How toCustomize Remix AppLoadContext type

If you're using the getLoadContext function in your HTTP servers to pass data to your Remix app, you may notice that the context object is missing the properties you're setting.

For example, if you do the following:

createRequestHandler({ build: require("./build"), mode: process.env.NODE_ENV, getLoadContext(request) { return { name: "World" }; }, });

And then, in your Remix loaders or actions, try to access name.

export async function loader({ context: { name } }: LoaderFunctionArgs) { // code here }

You will notice that name is not typed correctly.

To fix that, you must overwrite the AppLoadContext type that Remix defines to what your getLoadContext sets.

import "@remix-run/server-runtime"; declare module "@remix-run/server-runtime" { export interface AppLoadContext { name: string; } }

Put that TS code in a file your app imports, for example, in remix.env.d.ts, and now the type of name will be the expected one.