Sergio Xalambrí

Shared Links

HTML Reference

An incredible and complete guide of all the HTML tags with visual examples
CSS Reference

An incredible and complete guide of all the CSS properties with visual examples
The God Login

A big collection of tips on how to create a better login for any application.
Architecture as a burden

A great list of bad decisions in Software Architecture and how to avoid them.
The Architecture of Open Source Applications (Volume 2): Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems

A comprehensive guide on scalable architectures for web applications.
Your Body Text Is Too Small

An excelent article on why you should use a bigger body text in order to provide a better readability experience.
Refactoring UI

Tips and articles on how to create better UIs without learning a lot of design
Scaling React Server-Side Rendering

A comprehensive guide on how to scale a React SSR application
ZEIT - New Static Deployments

At ZEIT we lunched a new version of the static deployments which enable custom configuration (aka native support for SPAs).

An interesting (and long) article explaining how to code good cards UI components.