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A Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) for Chrome

Introducing a new Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) to Chrome and Chrome for Android

React Server Components

React Server Components aim to enable modern UX with a server-driven mental model. In this post I will share some notes I took while catching up on the latest RFC and talk around this work.

The Import On Interaction Pattern

Tip: Lazy-load non-critical resources when a user interacts with UI requiring it. Your page may contain code or data for a component or resource that isnt immediately necessary. For example, UI a user doesnt see unless they click or scroll on parts of the page. This can apply to many kinds of first-party code you author, but this also applies to third-party widgets such as video players or chat widgets where you typically need to click a button to display the main interface.

Incremental Migrations

Incremental migrations are excellent for updating large legacy projects. Migrate a small piece at a time with lower risk then gradually do the rest.

The JavaScript Self-Profiling API

Measuring costly JavaScript with the JavaScript self-profiling API

Faster Web App Delivery with PRPL

PRPL is a pattern for structuring and serving web applications and Progressive Web Apps with an emphasis on improved app delivery and launch performance.

Emulate vision deficiencies in DevTools

Emulate vision deficiencies in to see how users who experience color blindness or blurred vision might see your site.

Visualize Data Structures in VSCode

VSCode Debug Visualizer is a VSCode extension that allows you to visualize data structures in your editor

Fast page labelling in Chrome for Android

Chrome on Android will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web, starting with Fast page labelling of fast links via the link context-menu.

Preload late-discovered Hero images faster

If you are optimizing Largest Contentful Paint, preload can be a game-changer for speeding up late-discovered hero images and resources, loaded via JavaScript.