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80/20 is the new Half-Ass

Don't spend your life spraying 20% effort all over the place, hoping for 80% results, only to look back and wonder why you never hit 100% on anything.

How to use SvelteKit with Netlify Forms

a simple tutorial

35 Principles for 35 Years

I turn 35 today. Here are 35 principles I have accumulated and try to live by.

Reflexive McLuhanism

First we shape X, then X shapes us.

Set Explicit Help Timeouts

A simple way to normalize asking for help.

Blogpost Annealing

Letting my writing improve under the heat of feedback

Shortcodes vs MDX

Comparing the two popular custom dynamic content solutions!

The Part Time Creator Manifesto

Why we need more people creating Part Time and how you can do it too.

Preemptive Pluralization is (Probably) Not Evil

What if we just assumed we might have two of everything?

TL;DR of Why React is Not Reactive

A recap of my first ever conference talk

Technical Community Builder is the Hottest New Job in Tech

What if the real product was the friends we made along the way?


Produce Consistency, Publish Quality by buffering.

Love Letter to Singapore Mixed Rice

The most underrated part of Singapore that foreigners don't appreciate

Reviewing "TypeScript in 50 Lessons"

My first time being a technical reviewer for a published book!

The Simple Magic of Prefixed URLs

You can enhance the web by making wrappers around it.

Enablement vs Ownership Roles

Two ways to approach responsibility in a company.

Everything You Hate About Clubhouse Is Why It Will Win

Understanding new social media is a *sociological* exercise, not a logical one.

Errors Are Not Exceptions

Many language ecosystems use try/catch paradigms to represent both errors and exceptions. This is wrong.

Solving the Quality vs Consistency Tradeoff

Every creator wrestles with the tradeoff between quality and consistency. The answer - Default to consistency, and cut scope.

The Meta-Creator Ceiling

Don't play games you don't want to win.

My Three Strikes Rule for Blogging

A simple way to decide when and what to write.

Strategy Turns

What got you here won't get you there.

Super Easy Automated Scraping with AWS Amplify

A tutorial on data scraping with AWS Amplify

What drives Optimal Overhead?

The biggest unanswered question in the study of systems.

Notes on The Psychology of Money

A review and reflection of Morgan Housel's bestselling collection of essays on personal/behavioral finance

Fibonacci Goals

A system for goalsetting.

You're Allowed To Make Your Own Tools

Making personal side projects for fun and profit.

An Annotated Guide to React Server Components

React Server Components are a nuanced, sweeping addition to React's existing capabilities. This is my guide.

How to Design Almost Any Backend and Deploy It to AWS with No Code

With the Amplify Sandbox, it is really easy to model and think through any app backend scenario

The Future of Dev Tools with Minko Gechev (Angular Core Team)

Minko has been working tirelessly for years on the Angular developer experience. We'll talk about the Language Server, Angular Schematics, and whatever else team Angular has been cooking up for developers!

Why You Should Pre-Sell

My thoughts on preselling, from having done it successfully exactly one time.

Mimicry vs Reflexivity

Two opposing forces that describe how perception and reality do battle.

You Can Run Containers on AWS Amplify Now

AWS just added the easiest way to deploy long running serverful code alongside a serverless architecture.

The Strange Case of the Danish Aarhus Mafia

Why are so many CS pioneers from Denmark?

My Path to Developer Relations and Thoughts on the Future of DevRel

Alex Lakatos interviewed me for the Devrel Advent calendar he put together

Language Servers are the New Frameworks

Developer Experience is shifting left, all the way to onKeyUp.

The UX of Proving Our Humanity To Machines

What happens when we can't convince machines that we are human?

My Favorite New Podcasts in 2020

An update to my favorite podcasts list with the ones I have found this year

Write Errors That Don't Make Me Think

How we plan to fail with Thoughtful Error Message Design at Temporal.

The Coding Career Handbook on the Coder Foundry YouTube

I was invited by the Coder Foundry guys to chat about learning in public, what it means to be a senior developer, why you should care where your code fits into the business, and why writing as a developer is so important.

Trading Derivatives with VBA, No Code, JavaScript, Negotiation, and DevRel on the KeyCuts podcast

This is a different beat than my usual - it focuses on my Finance career where I traded interest rate derivatives with Excel and VBA! The show notes are really good too.

The Roaring 2020's

Five themes I am optimistic about for the next decade - and more open questions I have no idea about.

The Light and Dark Side of the API Economy

The 'API Economy' is a popular term for VC's and tech media, however Developers seem ironically out of the loop despite their central importance to the whole story. Here's my explanation, together with a dash of economics and social implications.

What's New in React on React Roundup

In this episode of React Round Up, we talked with Shawn Wang, a prolific React author, speaker and teacher, about the future of React. We discussed what’s new in React Core, the React routing world, React DevTools (webpack, rollup, parcel, etc), CSS, and a whole lot more.

Temporal Transparency Update #9: Auth is Coming

Our 9th transparency update describing how we are shipping the upcoming Authentication feature

Naked Emperors in Tech

Some things we often repeat as truth just aren't. We should call bullshit more often.

Intro to Flutter and AWS Amplify

A General intro to AWS Amplify and Flutter on the Amplify with Friends show on the official AWS twitch stream

Notes on Serverless GraphQL with AWS AppSync

My Notes on Slobodan Stojanovic's Serverless GraphQL with AppSync talk

Found-Money Startups

'I will find free money for you' is one of my favorite business models. Here's a quick definition of Found-Money Startups and a short list I've been keeping.

Moderating a 220k Developer Community

Reflections from two-and-a bit years helping to run /r/Reactjs

Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

Why we should stop trying to use the same tool for different jobs.

The Coding Career Handbook on React Podcast

Shawn Swyx Wang opens up about his new book The Coding Career Handbook - His book shines a spotlight on career patterns and practices that many had to learn the hard way — you know, up hill in the snow both ways!

Intro to AWS Amplify and AppSync

A General intro to AWS Amplify and AppSync

AmpliBox - a Self Hosted File Storage App with AWS Amplify

A demo using AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) using Amplify Storage, Svelte, and Tailwind CSS

Notes on Time Management from a Dying Professor

Notes on Randy Pausch's lecture on Time Management

Choice Architecture

Reflection on how both gyms and startups do choice architecture and how we can be more conscious of this

Service as a Service

Before you start offering Software as a Service, perhaps just offer a Service.

Follow Up

Following up and following through is a well known formula for success. Yet people don't do it. Why?

Why Tailwind CSS

Why I changed my mind on Tailwind CSS, and why I now consider it the Goldilocks Styling Solution

Beware The Fallacy of Composition

Many things that make sense individually don't make sense as a group.

Lessons and Regrets from Shipping My $50000 Coronavirus Side Project

This talk is about my personal journey shipping my side project, LearnInPublic.org, from April to July this year. It involves both technical and nontechnical takeaways, from coding and designing the landing page and ecommerce fulfilment, to writing and marketing the book, all as a solo dev. Shipping side projects for money is a dream for many dev and I wanted to share what I learned doing mine.

SWYX on Shoptalk Show Podcast

Shawn Wang, known as Swyx, talks with Dave and Chris about his career path from finance to coding, and now in developer experience. They chat about serverless functions, React, getting a broad sense of technology, Wang's Coding Career Handbook, what's next for SSR, checking out Vite, and what exactly is DevX / developer experience?

5 TILs about Node.js Fundamentals from the Node.js Design Patterns Book

5 Things I Learned about Node.js Fundamentals from the Node.js Design Patterns Book

The Operating System of You

Developers are mostly humans that run the same "hardware". Therefore most performance differences, especially the ones we can control, are down to our "OS" - our conscious prioritization and processing - and "firmware" - our unconscious personality and reactions. What can we do to better take care of our "hardware", and what does running better "software" look like?

REST Endpoint + CRUD with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB in 2 minutes

A lightning fast overview of everything you need to know to set up a REST endpoint with full CRUD capability with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and AWS Amplify in 2 minutes.

Typesafe, Fullstack React

A live coding talk given at React Global Summit 2020, with React, TypeScript GraphQL with an AWS Amplify backend.

Notes from Amir Shevat on Measuring & Managing Developer Relations

Notes from an a16z podcast about developer relations that I thought was valuable

Typesafe, Fullstack React & GraphQL with AWS Amplify

This is the blog version of a talk I am giving at React Summit 2020

Book Review - Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

One of the greatest autobiographies by a business icon and great writer

Notes on Adversarial Interoperability

Summarizing thoughts from Seth Godin and Cory Doctorow on Interoperability

My Journey from No CS Degree to AWS from Age 30 - 34

I was interviewed by Pete from No CS Degree on my journey, here are some extracts!

Against Namespacing Personal Sites

I care a lot about creating Cool URIs so I have been paralyzed more than I should be about what I'm calling "URL Architecture". In true fashion, I'm blogging about it.

Coding Career Tactics on ML Engineered Podcast

I returned to the MLE podcast to continue our conversation. Charlie is one of the best interviewers I have ever worked with and it was a pleasure to join him again.

Coding Career Strategy on ML Engineered Podcast

Shawn Wang formerly worked in finance as a derivatives trader and equity analyst before burning out and pivoting towards tech. He's a prolific blogger who goes under the pseudonym "swyx" and recently published the excellent Coding Career Handbook. He's a graduate of Free Code Camp and Full Stack Academy now working at AWS as a Senior Developer Advocate.

How to Set Up Svelte with Tailwind CSS

A quick reference for myself on how to set up Svelte with Tailwind CSS

If You Sell Anything Online, This Book Will Make You Money

My glowing review of Rob Hope's Landing Page Hot Tips Book

Swyx Interview on Daily Dev Tips

I was interviewed by Chris Bongers on Daily Dev Tips, here are some extracts.

How to Create Luck

Your entire worldview changes when you realize you can *create luck*.

Putting your Keyboard on Steroids with Karabiner Elements

I did a livestream with John Lindquist from Egghead.io today, and he blew my mind on how much mileage you can get out of your keyboard!

First Look at AWS Amplify Flutter (Developer Preview)

AWS Amplify launched a Flutter Integration, so I thought I would record a quick video and blogpost

Cheatsheet for moving from Master to Main

Notes I have collected on how to renaming the Git default/primary branch

The Coding Career Handbook on Zhia Chong YouTube

A quick interview on Zhia Chong's YouTube channel!

Prerecording Talks for Online Conferences

Tips for Speakers Prerecording Talks for Online Conferences

Developer Exception Engineering

It's time we look beyond the easy questions in developer experience, and start addressing the uncomfortable ones.

Growing a Meta-Language

7 years after release, React reaches millions of developers and billions of users. Its ideas have influenced other frameworks, even those in other languages like Swift UI and Jetpack Compose. What’s next? The community has been hard at work innovating in React formats, metaframeworks, and developer tooling. This fits an established pattern of how developer languages grow, and likely forms a roadmap for React in the Third Age of JavaScript.

Realtime Offline-First Chat App in 100 Seconds

A quick demo of how easy it is to add realtime, offline persistence to an app with Amplify DataStore

A Developer's Guide to Startup Fundraising

A Brief Guide to Startup Fundraising Terminology for Beginners

5 Q&A's on Writing and Selling My First Book

I answered some questions from someone planning to write their first book

Coding Careers on the Junior to Senior Podcast

I spoke with David Guttman, who does a lot of mentoring and runs the AMAZING JS.LA community, on the Coding Career Handbook.

Notes on "Growing a Language"

Revisiting one of my favorite talks ever, on designing programming languages for user extensibility and collaboration

4 Things I Learned from Mastering Mongoose.js

A quick book review of the new Mongoose.js book from Val Karpov

8 Landing Page Tips from Rob Hope

I submitted my book's landing page for Rob Hope's review and he obliged! Brutal feedback incoming.

8 Q&A's for Bootcamp Students in 2020

I did a Q&A for Fullstack Academy Bootcamp Prep students - copying out my answers here!

Unofficial VS Code Snippets for AWS Amplify

making my own vs code snippets helpers for working with AWS Amplify

JAMstack Chat with Amazon Pay India Team

A recorded casual chat I had with the Amazon Pay India team on JAMstack topics. The audience is a mix of technical and nontechnical team members, so this is a more high level/introductory overview.

Coding Career Handbook - Newline Podcast

In this wide-ranging conversation we talk about the differences between a Jr and Sr engineers, how to find strength in your weaknesses, and how to capture your daily ideas and use them to supercharge your career.

Semi-Automatic npm and GitHub Releases with `gh-release` and `auto-changelog`

A snippet I use all the time

Coding Careers - AQOC Podcast

This week we're joined by Shawn Wang, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS and author of the excellent Coding Career Handbook. Shawn is a career-switcher; he transitioned into tech in his early thirties after a career in finance. He has written a lot about how aspiring devs can better accelerate their careers, and his views are nuanced and full of wisdom that's very relevant to all aQoC listeners (no matter what stage you're at in your career).

Marketing Yourself - ProdReady Podcast

Hot off the launch of his new book, Shawn sits down to talk with me about personal marketing via working in public. We go into detail about how he wrote a book with the most insane bibliography you've ever seen and made $25,000 on launch day.

Lessons and Regrets from My $25000 Launch

Reflections on the Coding Career book launch