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Little Smashing Stories

Today marks the day we sent out our 300th edition of the Smashing Newsletter. This article is a little celebration in which we share little Smashing stories from people working behind the scenes.

A Primer On CSS Container Queries

A prototype of the long-awaited CSS container queries has landed in Chrome Canary and is available for experimentation. Let’s look at what problem is being solved, learn how container queries work, and see how they compare with and complement existing CSS features for layout.

The Conference Platform We Use For Our Online Events: Hopin

At the beginning of 2020, the SmashingConf team was ready for a new year. We had so many things that excited us. New speakers, new workshops, new cities, new attendees, new experiences. And as we all know, 2020 had other ideas. With so many people working from home, we thought we would bring our [Smashing workshops]( from our home offices to yours — but how?

Get Started With React By Building A Whac-A-Mole Game

Want to get started with React but struggling to find a good place to start? This article should have you covered. We’ll focus on some of the main concepts of React and then we’ll be building a game from scratch!

How To Organize Product-Related Assets And Collaborate Better

How do you organize your Google Drive assets? How do you name your Dropbox Paper documents? How do you deal with comments? Let’s get it right.

Improving The Performance Of Shopify Themes (Case Study)

When dealing with themes for large platforms and CMS, legacy issues often become a bottleneck. In this article, Carson Shold discusses how his team improved the performance and organization of their Shopify themes, and improved maintainability along the way.

Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study)

This article showcases a case study of Bookaway’s landing page performance. We’ll see how taking care of the props we send to Next.js pages can make loading times and Web Vitals better.

A Guide To Undoing Mistakes With Git

No matter how experienced you are, mistakes are an inevitable part of software development. But we can learn to repair them! And this is what we'll be looking at in this two-part series: how to undo mistakes using Git.

Smashing Podcast Episode 36 With Miriam Suzanne: What Is The Future Of CSS?

In this episode, we’re starting our new season of the Smashing Podcast with a look at the future of CSS. What new specs will be landing in browsers soon? Drew McLellan talks to expert Miriam Suzanne to find out.

The Evolution Of Jamstack

Web-oriented databases, frameworks like Nuxt and Next.js, and even frameworkless approaches are evolving the Jamstack, but the core principles are more powerful than ever.

May Is In The Air (2021 Wallpapers Edition)

Do you need a little inspiration boost? Well, then our new collection of wallpapers is for you. Designed with love by the community for the community, the wallpapers are available with and without a calendar for May 2021.

The Humble `` Element And Core Web Vitals

Images have also been a key part of the web. They communicate ideas instantly, but they are also a lot heavier than text to load. This means that it’s essential to get loading and displaying them right, if you want to give your users a fantastic first impression. An excerpt from [Addy's new book]( (also, check a [free PDF preview](

Meet Image Optimization, A New Smashing Book By Addy Osmani

The cat is out! For the last year, we’ve been working with Addy Osmani on a new Smashing Book all around image optimization. And now it’s here. Meet “Image Optimization”, our practical modern guide to delivering high-quality images on the web with the best performance.

Understanding Easing Functions For CSS Animations And Transitions

Easing functions can change the look and feel of an animation by affecting the rate, or speed, of an animation. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into easing functions and see how we can use them to create those natural and stunning animations.

How To Bake Layers Of Accessibility Testing Into Your Process

Accessibility experts Kate Kalcevich and Mike Gifford introduce readers to "layered accessibility testing”, a practice of using a variety of tools and approaches at different stages in the digital product lifecycle to catch accessibility issues early — when it’s easier and cheaper to fix them.

A Guide To Newly Supported, Modern CSS Pseudo-Class Selectors

The CSS Working Group Editor’s Draft for [Selectors Level 4]( includes several pseudo-class selectors that already have proposal candidates in most modern browsers. This guide will cover ones that currently have the best support along with examples to demonstrate how you can start using them today!

Web Design Done Well: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary (Part 1)

Sometimes it’s the little things in web life that make us look twice. From carousels to documentation to cookie disclaimers, here are some sites taking the mundane and sprinkling in a little magic.

A Complete Guide To Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) With Next.js

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) is a new evolution of the Jamstack, allowing you to update static content instantly without needing a full rebuild of your site. The hybrid approach of Next.js allows you to use ISR for e-commerce, marketing pages, blog posts, ad-backed media, and more.

Why Content Is Such A Fundamental Part Of The Web Design Process

As designers, we are often burdened by the responsibility of producing and managing website content. It’s not our job to write it, but it’s not the client’s either. We can avert disaster by including content production in the design process.

Making GraphQL Work In WordPress

Let’s explore the plugins providing GraphQL servers to WordPress. When should we use WPGraphQL, and when the GraphQL API for WordPress? Is there some advantage of one over the other, or some particular task that is easier to accomplish with one of them? In this article, we will find out.

An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals

How are Core Web Vitals measured? How do you know your fixes have had the desired effect and when will you see the results in Google Search Console? Let’s figure it out.

Seven Mistakes To Avoid In Your Technical Interviews

It’s no secret that the technical interview process leaves something to be desired; it’s often riddled with anxiety and stress. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of the most common mistakes candidates make in their technical interviews and explore ways you can avoid them.

How To Get Web Design Clients Fast (Part 2)

Selling is key to growing your web design business, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! With clear goals, customer research, and proven closing techniques, anyone can find new clients.

From Cats With Love: New Navigation, Guides And Workshops

At Smashing, we’ve been busy over the last few months. We’ve set up new workshops, redesigned our navigation, refined performance and improved accessibility. There are subtle UX changes coming in, and we’d love to share what we’ve been cooking.

Overflow Issues In CSS

In this article, we will explore the causes of overflow issues and how to solve them. We will also explore how modern features in the developer tools (DevTools) can make the process of fixing and debugging easier.

Building A Video Streaming App With Nuxt.js, Node And Express

In this article, we’ll be building a video streaming app using Nuxt.js and Node.js. Specifically, we’ll build a server-side Node.js app that will handle fetching and streaming videos, generating thumbnails for your videos, and serving captions and subtitles.

A Complete Guide To HTML Email

Recently we’ve covered CSS generators, SVG generators and accessible front-end components. This time we look into HTML email, with tools, templates and guides for designers and developers.

Growing UX Maturity In Organizations: Education And Training (Part 3)

UX practitioners can play an important role in growing the UX maturity of the organizations and product teams they work with. This final article in a three-part series presents two additional tactics: education of staff on UX principles and processes.

Better Documentation And Team Communication With Product Design Docs

Have you ever struggled to get the green light on your design proposals? Do you feel like your design process needs to be formalized? Is the COVID19 era becoming a challenge for you when working remotely as a designer? Then keep reading to get to know a methodology to document your design process in this article.

Flaky Tests: Getting Rid Of A Living Nightmare In Testing

Unreliable tests are a living nightmare for anyone who writes automated tests or pays attention to the results. Flaky tests have even given folks nightmares and sleepless nights. In this article, Ramona Schwering shares her experiences to help you get out of this hell or avoid getting into it.

Don’t Lose Your Head: Evaluating Headless

With many options comes many decisions, and it is easy to drown in all the many benefits of headless CMS. How do we approach evaluating these options? Let’s figure it out.

Vanilla JavaScript Code Snippets

A guide to vanilla JavaScript code snippets — with resources and lightweight libraries to help you solve a problem without a large overhead or third-party dependencies.

Guarding Against Disposable Design

Quick, constant change is a given on the web. It is often one of its greatest strengths. As ever, though, there is a balance to find. Although longevity takes a different form online, its value is immeasurable.

Meet Utopia: Designing And Building With Fluid Type And Space Scales

By systemizing the fundamentals of typography and space, and leaning into the inherent fluidity of the web, a free new CSS tool called [Utopia]( offers an alternative to breakpoint-driven design.

The Small Joys Of April (2021 Wallpapers Edition)

Let’s welcome the new month with some fresh wallpapers. Designed with love by artists and designers from across the globe, they are available with and without a calendar for April 2021.

Choosing A New Serverless Database Technology At An Agency (Case Study)

In this article, Michael Rispoli explains how he evaluated the decision of whether or not to adopt a serverless database for client projects. This decision will focus on three lenses: the functional aspects of the technology, the developer experience, and the business ramifications of adoption.

SVG Generators

A complete guide to SVG generators — for everything from SVG shapes and cropping tools to SVG filters, color matrix mixers and SVG to JSX generators.

Growing UX Maturity: Knowledge Sharing And Mentorship (Part 2)

This article presents tactics that can be helpful for those working in organizations that have started engaging in UX, but are still at the lower to middle stages of maturity: knowledge sharing and mentorship.

How To Boost Media Performance On A Budget

How do we get media performance right while staying within performance budgets? Let’s take a look at the recent stats and data around performance budgets, video playback performance issues and some techniques and tools to address these issues.

Reactivity In Vue

Reactivity is the ability for a variable (array, string, number, object, etc) to update when its value or any other variable that it makes reference to is changed after declaration.